Simple Guide to Fire Damage Restoration Projects

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Following a home fire, your property may have been devastated and in terrible condition with smoke damage and structural issue. The ceiling and walls affected by the fire will be black. Soot and ashes are flying around the atmosphere. There is also chemical exposure to your skin that is coming from the poisonous fumes. Regardless of the fire size, it is important that you take action quickly to reduce the damage. The following are 6 tips on fire damage restoration.

Simple Guide to Fire Damage Restoration Projects

1. Assess the Fire Damage

First of all, you should make an assessment of the extent of the fire damage to your home. A professional fire damage restoration company will be able to carry out a complete assessment. All the damages should be documented for claiming insurance. If there is any furniture, you should quickly remove them to prevent the poisonous chemical from the smoke to embed in the fibers.

2. Don’t Touch Any Structure

After a fire, the structures will be weakened. The staircase is not sturdy and the rails will be shaky. The floor may also collapse at any time. So, you must be very careful when touching any item. You want to leave the house in its original condition without making any more damage. Making more damage means it will cost you more money to repair it. A good fire restoration service will also provide water damage repair.

3. Remove Damaged Personal Possessions

Personal possessions that is too damaged should be removed. You may also want to remove personal items that are not damaged for safekeeping so that they will not be contaminated any further. While going through the items, you must be careful of touching electric appliances. Since they had been burned, they may contain electricity that can cause electrocution when you touch them.

4. Clean Up Smoke and Soot

It is difficult to clean up the smoke and soot. You have to scrub and sand the surface very hard to remove it. It will be more convenient to hire a fire damage restoration service to fix the damages. The fire damage restoration team will remove all the debris and soots in the area to bring improvement to the air quality.

5. Clean the Air

The air can be cleaned with an air scrubber and an air mover. The professionals have this equipment to clean the air. They can use special cleaning and deodorizer products when cleaning the house. The type of cleaning products and deodorizers that they use depends on the material type and whether there are any mold and mildew.

6. Restore Damaged Items

You may also want to have your damaged possessions restored. The professionals will be able to help with reconstructing the damaged structure and restoring them to the prefire state. The professionals can also clean up the standing water in the area. They can use a commercial dehumidifier to dry up the water that is soaked into the walls. They can also shampoo your carpet and wash your fabrics so that no one can tell that it is damaged.

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